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Midsummer Madness - 27 June 2002 - Aldershot

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Midsummer Madness #1
Gil - Fugitive 1

Midsummer Madness #2
Duncan - Fugitive 2

Midsummer Madness #3
Graham - Fugitive 3

Midsummer Madness #4
David Shafto - The Red Helmets' Captain

Midsummer Madness #5

Midsummer Madness #6

We raced two teams this time: The Fugitives and The Red Helmets (a team fielded by David Shafto)
Although the Red Helmets did very well, we felt that the event was under-resourced (not enough spare karts) and under-marshalled (there was an immense amount of unpunished ramming going on).

  • The Fugitives

    We landed a nice fast kart in practice. Only one problem... no brakes, as Gil discovered on the first lap. We accepted a substitute. The new kart was one and a half seconds off the pace. We were only sixth fastest in practice, and never broke 31.5 seconds in this kart. All our protests were in vain. We could not get the organisers to change the kart simply on the basis that it was quite awful.
    Bearing this in mind, it is remarkable that we were in fourth place after Gil's session, behind Bad Boy Bikers, the Red Helmets, and Norfolk 'n' Chance. Everyone in the team drove their socks off, but we fell to fifth place for most of the race, until a particularly bad piece of ramming bent our back axle during the last twenty minutes, and we were given the original kart with its brakes repaired, and proceeded immediately to take more than a second off our lap times, and unlapped ourselves to finish fourth. A bad-tempered evening in which we felt badly served by the organisers.

  • The Red Helmets

    The Helmets got a good kart, and qualified second in practice. As a five-man team, they had strength in depth. They were in second place to the Bad Boy Bikers for most of the race. Three laps adrift after half an hour, two laps behind after an hour, just one lap shy after an hour and three quarters, then on the same lap from just after two hours. They led briefly at least once, and passed the chequered flag a kart's length behind, to finish second. Jolly well done, we Fugitives thought (or words to that effect).

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