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Winners Enduro - 10 Feb 2002 - Aldershot

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Winners Enduro #1
Gil. One and three-quarter hours in the saddle - Groan....

Winners Enduro #2
Gary? Sick! Sick! Sick!

Winners Enduro #3

Winners Enduro #4

Winners Enduro #5

Winners Enduro #6

This was an event for winners of previous events only. Stiff opposition was anticipated.

When all the cancellations were in, there was just Gil and Gary on the day. We started with 5 entrants, but they fell away. On the face of it, this was nice as it'd mean only one change, then they gave us kart 13 and told everyone we had to make 6 driver changes, however many drivers we had.

The kart was great. Gary did a 30.72 in practice, and we were on pole. Gary did sub-30 laps and Gil's last lap was a 29.84, according to the track chart.

Gary and Gil did half an hour each, both aiming to do a change during a full-course yellow. The driving was of such a high quality, that we NEVER had that opportunity.

As Gary started his second session, approaching fuel change, he came over all peculiar (age and sex, probably) and tried to pit while the pits were closed for refuelling.

Gil took over after the refuel, (3 changes so far) then handed back to Gary after a few minutes. 4 changes. Gary did 5 laps then had to go home with terminal nausea. 5 changes.

Gil finished the race (an hour and a bit), putting in another change by pitting, leaping out and back in (to the confusion of the pit marshal).

We came fourth - first of the rest. We finished 4 laps shy of the leader, and 3 shy of second and third, whom we suspect of not making all the changes they should have ( and at least one was made under a red flag).

At the end Gil was dicing with and winning against 1, 2 and 3, and the only time either of us was passed (other than temporarily) was in the pits, so it beats me how we were lapped.

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