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Amazon Systems Challenge - 21 Feb 99 - Aldershot

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The Classified Results can be found on a separate page. This is the final result.

Final Result
Team NoTeam NameLapDiff
329 Laps

The winners - Tim Foster's Foster's 3-pack - did a remarkable job, though we all rather frowned at the suede racing boots. He might at least have worn dirty trainers like the rest of us. This affectation led us to believe that these chaps had done this kind of thing before.

The Fugitives - Gil, Joe Czirbesz and Nathan Vosloo - came in second. Because he'd done so badly in the Le Mans start, Gil had to fight his way up from eighth off the start line to first, which took over half an hour, and relied on passing Fosters in the Pits. In order to build an unfair advantage, Gil drove 1hr 15min to the first fuel change. There was a move to call the team The Fugitive. Joe took over for about 45 minutes, but was unhappy with his form, though the record shows he retained our position throughout his spell. Nathan took over and drove some very fast laps, but got involved in a tussle or two with back markers, and was never closer than a lap behind Foster's 3-Pack.

Nathan's hamburger and bacon butty had just been delivered when Joe handed over to Nathan. Our cunning plan to nobble Team Torque by causing them to eat it seems to have worked, because The Sore Helmets, who had been pressing Team Torque throughout, squeezed through at the end to finish third. A great performance from David Shafto's rather rusty team.

Team Torque. What can I say? Nothing. Here's what John Farr himself says:

Off To A Flyer......

Well, what a start for Team Torque. The `Le Mans` style start proved to be interesting. I mean, the last time I ran that hard, I was trying to get away from some mad chinese chef armed with a meat-cleaver after I complained about the state of his noodles. As I approached the kart, I managed a Double-Axle, followed by a half-twist and a perfect landing into the kart - all of which would have done Torville & Dean proud....I swear I heard the kart groan !

I was passed by one kart, so I set off in pursuit. After 10 minutes or so, I caught and passed him and attempted to build up a healthy lead. Unfortunately, our kart had other ideas (well it was early on a Sunday morning, so it can be forgiven). As the engine got up to working temperature, it became slightly less efficient, as proved by the world and his kart consistently out-dragging us for the rest of the meeting. Only having a strong line-up prevented us from slipping down the tables further.

When The Chips Are Down, Along Comes A Free T-Bone.... We were j-u-s-t hanging on to third place when cramp forced Gary to pit after only 28 minutes` of his driving time. The rest of the team had taken their drives and were out of their overalls. (Indeed, Mark was out of the building and was on his way for a game of golf !), it was left to the Pup to hastily don a helmet and drive the last 15 minutes of the meeting (without overalls) to try and make up the deficit, but unfortunately for us, to no avail.

Fork in Fast made a late run. At the end, they proved stronger than the teams around them, and lost less ground on the leaders than most.

The Skidmarks, with Nigel Longton, a sometime Fugitive and Blue, finished next. They distinguished themselves by posting the fastest lap of the day, and by permitting Foster's to run over their captain's foot in the pits.

What can I say about Fork in Crap, other than to speak their name out loud. Oh. I could also say they made a promising start. Reading the stats, something must have happened at the halfway stage that took the sting out of their attack, though they hung on to beat Norfolk & Chance over the line.

Whatever happened to Fleet Elite? These guys had actually been practicing on the circuit in previous weeks. They had talent in depth. You couldn't fault their aggression. Musta been a duff kart, I suppose...

Norfolk & Chance? Precisely. A for effort, though, and they were consistent. Totally consistent.

Big Swingers. Well, in a lesser field, any one of the teams could have won. Yes. Even the Swingers. Probably.

All in all, though, a good humoured event with very competent driving. No black flags, as far as I remember, and very few red flags for track blockages.

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