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The Fugitives - They never give in - 25 Mar 2008 - Camberley

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The Fugitives - They never give in #1

The Fugitives - They never give in #2
Mark de Brun

The Fugitives - They never give in #3
Mark Neale

The Fugitives - They never give in #4
Martin Higham

The Fugitives - They never give in #5

The Fugitives - They never give in #6

This was to have been a gentle return to the track, it having been a year and a quarter since our last serious event. We were entering a team of four, Gil, Mark de Brun, Mark Neale and Martin Higham. As it happened, the organisers generously gave us a second kart, so we split into two teams, Gil and Mark de Brun and Martin Higham and Mark Neale. Both karts turned out to be fairly good, certainly without the serious flaws we last saw in Aldershot, though they were not the fastest on the track.

Fugitives A team sent Gil out first. We were at the back of the grid, which was chosen randomly. Gil fought his way into first place by lap 38. There were many "incidents", but he managed to dodge most of them, completely unaware he was moving through the field. Gil's best lap, 30.88, came when he finally got a clear track. All Torque, probably actually the fastest team on the night, overtook him just before the driver change, but Mark regained the lead a few laps later. From then on, Mark was hanging on to the lead as best as he could, losing it twice more before finally hitting the front for the last 30 laps. His fastest lap, 30.43, was just four laps from the finish. That after a gruelling 40 odd minutes at the wheel in racing conditions.

Fugitives B decided on more frequent driver changes, which may have hindered their final placing. They also started near the back of the grid, but Martin fought his way through and Fugitives B ran in first place for a few laps before Gil snatched the lead during a scuffle. They settled into third place at about lap 46, and held it for a good hour before overtaking second place All Torque less than ten laps from the finish to take second. Both Martin and Mark Neale were turning in good lap times. Their best, probably Martin, but not by much, was 30.03, and, on paper, either of them could probably have beaten Gil or Mark de Brun on a clear track.

However, there was seldom anything resembling a clear lap, and there were even incidents involving both Fugitives teams. The track is quite narrow over most of its length, and however fast you go, there are only a few passing places. There were frequent clashes, and the skill involved staying back from a developing situation, hoping to slip through when the combatants hit the wall.

Anyway, an extremely satisfactory result. Who can complain at first and second after such a long layoff?

STOP PRESS: Photos from Pauline

A fugitive. We are not sure which one.

Mark de Brun, patiently waiting for wreckage to be removed from the track.

The victorious fugitives - Mark Neale, Martin Higham, Gil Williamson, Mark de Brun.

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