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The Revenge of The Fugitives - 9 Aug 2005 - Aldershot 2

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At the close of Aldershot 1 in October 2003, our final race saw us come second to Bog's Dollocks. In our first race at Aldershot 2 - a scant fortnight after the concrete dried - we were up against the Dollocks again. It had been planned for Martin Higham and Duncan Macey to race with Mark de Brun and Gil, but Duncan had to go to America, and Martin cracked a rib in our practice session, less than a week before the race. Luckily, Mark Neale was available, so he stepped in at a couple of days' notice.

In pre-race practice, we did OK, and the kart felt fine, though we didn't post the fastest time. For the two Marks, it was their first outing on the new circuit, which is faster and tighter than the old one with the bridge. We were told it was to be a grid start, so we sent Mark Neale out, as the lightest member of the team.

Unfortunately, this excellent plan paid no dividends. Due to a selfless act during practice (identifying debris on the track), Mark was assigned second last place on the random grid, and was then rammed into the barrier on the first lap by some drongo he tried to pass.

However, he set off in pursuit, posting a 29.92 second lap, our fastest of the night, and pulling himself up to sixth place by lap 16. There was a flurry of driver changes, and for one lap, he was in first place before handing over to Gil at about lap 40.

Gil hit the front again by about lap 50, and we were never out of first place from then on. And Gil only collected one penalty point, and that unjustified. When you've outflanked someone and they then turn into you at the next bend, it's their fault.

Our main problem on the night was that nine driver changes were required. With three of us, we didn't need that many. The race director agreed that going into the pits, running round the kart, and continuing, constituted a driver change, so we did a few of these during "full course yellows" (when everyone has to cruise around at walking pace - and some of these guys must walk pretty slowly), which reduced the impact.

Mark de Brun's session spanned the refuelling, then we each had another session.

Despite the fact we were in the lead, we had to continually overtake back-markers to maintain our position. There were many, many, incidents. Mark de Brun narrowly missed someone who spun in the neck of the chicane, and had to be pulled off the barrier. Nearly every lap contained a heart-stopping moment, because we and the other leaders were lapping at around 30 seconds, while some drivers could only manage 34, and with 12 karts on a 30 second track, there was always lots of traffic.

Gil drove the last 20 laps or so. By this time we were 3 laps up on the Mother Truckers, our closest rivals, so Gil actually let a rather aggressive driver past! He was rewarded when the overtaker impaled himself on a back-marker, just 5 seconds later.

All in all, a satisfactory win, Mother Truckers came 2nd, Bog's Dollocks 3rd (revenge), with Mound Munchers crawling all over them in 4th.

The Fugitives are Back!

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