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Disaster! - 13 Aug 2003 - Aldershot

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Gil looking disaffected

Disaster! #2
Mark de Brun

Disaster! #3
Not as good-looking as his girlfriend

Disaster! #4
Andy Daines

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Disaster! #6

We were pole-axed from the very first on this one. And Alan Mills had brought a supporter along. She must have been deeply unimpressed, and quite rightly spent most of the evening reading a magazine.

The kart, during practice, performed quite well, turning in a 29.83 lap, which would normally be excellent, but was only fifth best. However, despite a sticking throttle, we decided to stay with the one we'd been issued. Something happened to the kart in the pits, however. When Gil came out for the rolling lap, he couldn't keep up with the others, and, obviously we would need to change karts. Fortunately, because he was going so slowly, the karts behind began to worry about their start, and with some help from them, he crashed it on the bridge. Now, we were sure the race would be stopped while we sorted it out. Unfortunately, they opted to roll the kart into the pits without stopping the race, so we restarted with a very iffy practice kart, in last place, a few laps behind the entire field.

Gil had a very defensive session with this cold kart, breaking 30 seconds only once, finishing his session in twelfth place, five laps behind the leaders, but on the same lap as about half the field.

Mark took over and did a lot better. By the fuel stop, we were in eighth place, without losing any more laps on the leaders.

Alan Mills continued to improve, pulling us up to seventh place by the middle of his session, though losing another lap to the three leaders, who were all turning in excellent performances. Although he was up to sixth by the end of his session, we were now seven laps behind the top teams.

We had to do some enforced driver changes around this time, which cost us time at the beginning of Andy Daines' session. To his credit, though, he lost no more ground to Kamikaze Karts, the winner, and made up a couple of laps on Traktix and Team Ablaze, who finished second and third. He was also only a couple of seconds behind Insight 3 by the end, and a few more laps might have seen us finish in fifth place!

So, all in all, a disappointing result, but brave performances from the drivers against opposition that we would have been hard put to beat from a level playing field.

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