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Last Update 5 February 2001

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 Amusements Page
This page is for Gil's enthusiasms, rather than Amazon's business, though there's an outline below of Amazon Systems' work in the games market.

 Text Adventures

Computer games for people who like to read books, love using their imagination, and enjoy puzzles. Click here to visit a page where you can learn more about this fascinating genre, and where you can download a text adventure, and buy a book on how to write your own!

 Mornington Crescent

Play Mornington Crescent on your computer. Java on the Crescent! Click here.

 Karting   Karting

Gil Williamson organises and participates in "Turn up & drive" Kart team racing. Here's a set of pages on karting, including driving hints, track notes and team news.

 The Prancing Pony

A Middle Earth Travel Book. This 19th Century publication is now partially available in HTML format. It includes remarkable early photographs and fascinating insights into the world of Tolkien's Lord of the Rings.

 Photo Gallery

Some favourite photographs, in no particular order.

Brief History of Amazon's Games & Toys

In the mid 1980s, Amazon Systems developed many cartridge games for Sinclair Spectrum, Philips G7000 and C64, typically in 8K and 16K ROMs! A technical challenge in most cases!

We also developed cassette equivalents of the Spectrum and C64 games and wrote new games for BBC, Acorn Electron, Atari 800, C64 and VIC.

Among the games we originated were:

Among the games we converted from Arcade machines were:

We also reverse-engineered the Philips G7000 system, and built a development route, and we designed a cartridge interface for the Spectrum, as well as several cartridge PCBs.

It was also at about this time that we developed the talking rabbit which was exhibited at Toy Fairs to much acclaim. It used an embedded program and could speak several hundred phrases using a voice chip.

From early 1981 to 1985, we also did a lot of NTSC to PAL conversion (and vice-versa) of games for other games companies.

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