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Professional Web Site Creation & Maintenance

We design, implement and maintain web sites.

We create our own artwork. We specialise in low bandwidth, quick-loading sites that work across the widest range of browsers, including old versions, and we create Flash-based web pages and email feedback pages for specific requirements.

We do the important work of updating Search Engines ourselves and individually publicise all our sites to the top search engines, and constantly monitor their ease of search by manually testing the search criteria. In particular, our own site catches over 60000 accesses per month on the basis of its search engine placement.

One of the important tools we have developed is WebGen, a Java / C++ package whereby web site owners can update text and images on their own catalogue or news pages.

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More about WebGen

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Cross-section of Sites

Baynards is an up-market motor dealer, specialising in rare and luxury vehicles.

See Amazon's feature articles on some of the vehicles that pass through Baynards' forecourt.


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Baynards Motor Company

Mythaxis. An on-line Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine, driven by Amazon Systems' Webgen. see:

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The Carfilhiot Saga. A set of linked blogs delivering an original story. see:

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Cool Postcards - by Celtas. Chris Lobban's very original site, with Poetry Word Art, Flatpack Sculpture and more. see:

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Cool Postcards

Grand Prix Academy at Brooklands is a Corporate Entertainment and Karting site, with multiple feedback forms, shared seamlessly across two physical sites in order to get the benefit of CGI scripts from different ISPs. see:

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Grand Prix Academy at Brooklands

This site is a blog, following the development of an on-line Myst-like Adventure game see:

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F:F:F - a site dedicated to displaying Images which give a sense of place to William Gibson's book - Pattern Recognition see:

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Air in Motion - Music Production Company. A temporary site to publicise events in 2002. They are currently concentrating on their Mediajunkies operation. see:

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Air In Motion

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Software Engineering & Design

Amazon Systems design and implement software. We have particular expertise in the following areas:

  • Financial Dealer Telephone and Datafeed Software
  • Bar Code based software for POS & Production Monitoring/Control
  • Medical Systems
  • Embedded Systems

We use current software development platforms / languages, notably:

  • DOS, Windows and NT-based PCs - C, C++, Assembler
  • Android
  • Un*x C, C++
  • JAVA
  • HTML
  • Javascript
  • Macromedia Flash
  • Paradox
  • Informix
and we remember older technologies - see our section on Maintenance

Our Client List includes:

  • BT
  • Syntegra
  • FTT Alphameric
  • Dow Jones Telerate
  • ICL
  • Symbol Technologies
  • Bar Code Systems
  • 3M
  • BXL
  • Berkshire County Council
  • Kenner Parker
  • Atari
  • Commodore
  • BBC
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Software Repair & Maintenance

We are expert at maintaining and repairing software. We have a thorough understanding of version control and release strategy. One of our partners once ran the maintenance department for ICL.

Over the last six years we have maintained and developed a number of systems whose original authors were no longer available. We do this work on-demand and part-time. We are particularly strong in areas the computing world is trying to forget, but which are still important to many end-users, notably:

  • MSDOS C & Pascal
  • Various 68000/VME-based rack-mounted kit (Versados, OS/9)
  • PL/M I2ICE
  • PDP 11
  • Non-Visual BASIC
  • 6502, Z80, 8048 Assemblers
  • VMS C
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Documentation & Publishing

We have an excellent reputatation for our documentation, and support most word processors and DTP packages, principally MS Word and Ventura.

We have produced documentation in the whole range from low-level driver documentation, through program documentation, design specifications, functional specifications, proposals, user guides, Windows Help, How To.. glossies, to Computer Game Instructions.

In addition, we have written many papers for conferences, and publish a book we wrote - Computer Adventures - The Secret Art - see our Text Adventures pages

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