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The Fugitives

The Fugitives are a karting team based on Amazon Systems and the descendant, really, of the Norwegian Blues.

Because electronic signage at Karting tracks tends not to be able to accommodate the whole Norwegian Blues label, we are tending to field Norwegian Blues teams under the Fugitives label these days. The team consists of:

  • Drivers who have raced with the Norwegian Blues
  • Drivers who haven't raced with the Norwegian Blue yet
Students of logic will quickly perceive that this comprises the set of all drivers. In short, anyone can qualify!

The semi-permanent members of the Fugitives are:

  • Gil Williamson
  • John Farr
  • Gary Denny
  • Martin Higham
  • Mark Neale
  • Mark de Brun

The Norwegian Blues

Norwegian Blues is the name of our karting team originally based at Syntegra at Sunbury-on-Thames.

We do our karting on a shoe-string, entering events at our own expense every couple of months. Most valuable, however, is that we try to have a practice session every week at a local track, to keep our skills polished to a dull, rusty hue.

Where did our name come from? Well, in a previous incarnation, some of us used to work in Shalford, near a pub called "The Parrot". Our VAX cluster was called "The Parrot Zone" after the pub, and when we first formed a team, we wanted a parrotty name. Now... Trivia Question: What was the breed of parrot which was "pinin' for the fjords" in the Monty Python sketch? Answers in a brown envelope, please.

Famous Victories

Click a line for the Race Report
Another Fine Mess we got Ourselves in Camberley 24 Aug 2011
The Fifth Best of the Best TeamSport, Camberley 20 Jan 2009
The Fugitives - They never give in Camberley 25 Mar 2008
You broke SIX karts? Aldershot 23 Jan 2006
McLaren Night Aldershot 20 Oct 2005
The Revenge of The Fugitives Aldershot 2 9 Aug 2005
Last stand at Aldershot? Aldershot 13 Oct 2003
Disaster! Aldershot 13 Aug 2003
Victory! Aldershot 21 May 2003
The Fugitives Return Aldershot 30 Jan 2003
Midsummer Madness Aldershot 27 June 2002
Spring Computer Challenge Aldershot 25 Mar 2002
Winners Enduro Aldershot 10 Feb 2002
Grudge Match against Fleet Elite and D'Oh Aldershot 21 Nov 2001
Summer Computer Challenge Aldershot 22 July 2001
Winter Computer Challenge Aldershot 23 Feb 2001
Pub Night Aldershot 3 Dec 2000
Champions' Night Aldershot 12 Mar 2000
Computing Challenge Aldershot 25 Jan 2000
1999 Braid Challenge Milton Keynes 14 August 1999
White Van Drivers' Challenge Aldershot 16 May 1999
Amazon Systems Challenge Aldershot 21 Feb 99
Daytona 100 Milton Keynes 9 Feb 99
Computer Challenge Aldershot 30 Nov 1998
Amazon Systems Challenge Daytona, Wood Lane July 1998
3 hour Pro-kart Enduro Buckmore Park 28 Sept 1997
Braid Systems Challenge Daytona 22 June 1997
Communications Challenge Challenger 29 April 1997
Previous Events Various Locations 1996-1997

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