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Amazon Systems WebGen Package

The WebGen System

How to get Started

You call us at Amazon Systems, to discuss a web site, or complete the on-line form. Together, we decide on the design to suit your purpose. The principal benefit of WebGen is your ability to add to and update the web site without professional assistance. WebGen comes as an off-the-shelf package, but we tailor various parameter and pattern files for each client and show you how to use the package.

The "items" displayed may be catalogue items, news items or features. You can have various static pages, a set of item pages (one per item or group of items) and one or more indexes for the item pages. The index can occupy a page by itself, or can appear in the margin of another page, and is automatically updated whenever you revise the item pages.

You are not limited to a single index and set of item pages. You can divide up the site into several sections, each of which can have up to 100 item pages in it.

In addition, we can provide special Quick Email and Quote Request pages, and can dovetail your site into a web shopping and payment system.

The design of static, special, index and item pages is flexible, designed to make the best marketplace for your items, whatever they may be.

We can use your existing Internet Service Provider, or arrange one for you.

Call now, or complete the form for a quote for a tailor-made web site.

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All text and images Copyright © Amazon Systems 1997-2013 All Rights Reserved
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