These images are intended to give a sense of place to locations in William Gibson's "Pattern Recognition".

The William Gibson Board "Is this the new F:F:F?" hosted the initial moves of the venture. In keeping with the storyline of the book, the identity of the scenes depicted and the identity of the person posting were at first concealed. The locations are now revealed, although the numbers on most of the UK photos always represented their OS grid location. The author of the site is Gil Williamson of Amazon Systems.
The Children's Crusade - Camden High Street
Goths on the bridge near Camden Lock
Camden High Street
Shopfronts on Camden High Street
Foreign Exchange on Camden High Street
Camden Lock Market
Parkway opposite Damien's apartment
Parkway again
Damien's Apartment?
The Residential Match Factory
Primrose Hill
London view from Primrose Hill
Covent Garden Tube
St Martin's Lane
Audience at Covent Garden
The Clock at Waterloo Station
Poole Station
Inside Poole Station
The Entrance to Neal's Yard
Inside Neal's Yard
Studios in Neal's Yard
Outside Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge
The Hallowed Portal
Top Floor of Harvey Nicks
The Albert Memorial from Hyde Park
Detail of the Peter Pan Memorial
...Peter Pan again
Peter Pan
Portobello Road - Early Morning
Portobello Road - Late Morning
The Soho Grand Hotel
The Antique Shop
Spring Street
The JR Express
Shinjuku Station
Starbucks Clone, as advertised
Park Hyatt, Tokyo
The President Hotel
The Moscow Metro
The Moscow Coffee Shop
That Statue
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