Inside Poole Station

Eat your hearts out, viewers. Railway architecture has reached its peak with this tastefully designed waiting room. Believe me, as far as the British rail system is concerned, this is a luxury installation.

As far as Poole is concerned, it seems to be the Mecca for local youths, who were, I hasten to add, very well behaved, and did not protest at being photographed by some kind of weird old trainspotter.

I also took a few photographs of the promenade that fronts Poole. I forbear to present them to you, as they are extremely boring, and the expressions on the faces of the passers-by that flocked within camera range testify to the grinding banality of the place, as I was obviously the most exciting thing they'd seen all day - especially as we heaved the car onto the kerb to do the photo shoot.

Inside Poole Station #1

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