The Albert Memorial from Hyde Park

The Subject: 'I can say, with perfect absence of humbug, that I would much rather not be made the prominent feature of such a monument, as it would both disturb my quiet rides ... to see my own face staring at me, and if (as is very likely) it became an artistic monstrosity, like most of our monuments, it would upset my equanimity to be permanently ridiculed and laughed at in effigy'

The Critic: 'The thing, as a memorial ..., is at once preposterous and false. The disgust of educated men has long given place to a feeling of cold contempt. The monument, as it is, represents, not unfairly, the hopes and aspirations excited by the Exhibition ... Call the structure the Cross of Lost Hopes, or the Optimist's Memorial, and we shall in some degree comprehend the intentions of the sculptors'

Me: I've always rather liked it.

The Albert Memorial from Hyde Park #1

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