Camden High Street

Had I crossed the road, I could have availed myself of "Smoking Accessories", which I imagined would not be restricted to cigarettes and neo-zippos. Body jewellery was also available, and, incongruously, a nice Union Jack on a stick, for brandishing in the face of any nasty foreigner.

There is no concept of Independence Day, Liberation Day, Tower of London Day or other National Day in England, and only half-hearted attempts in England, Scotland and Wales to assert their different identities as parts of the United Kingdom by celebrating patron saints. The Northern Ireland situation is somewhat different, with different groups in the country asserting different tribal loyalties, incomprehensible to the majority of the rest of us.

The flags of all the countries of the UK, including the Union Jack itself, have tended to be adopted by the very least savoury of Nationalist groups. Therefore, unlike nearly every other country in the world, the prominent display of the national flag by a private person implies something very off-centre in their politics, unless David Beckham or The Queen happen to be driving past at the time.

Camden High Street #1

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