As William Boyd remarked, and I paraphrase...
"Loserdom is a reason for shame in the USA. To be called a loser is a great insult. In Britain, a loser evokes a wry sympathy."

The site is now nearly complete. It was started in July 2003, in the form of a puzzle for WGB members.

The Winners on the original site

Yelena Virago made a valiant attempt from a rather distant vantage point, to identify the first six locations, but got rather ahead of things.

wallaby correctly identified Camden Lock and the Children's Crusade.

Sentinel400 did best of all, pinpointing the locations in Camden High Street.

The Webmaster (gil) became weary of the game, impatient that his idle viewers had not spotted that the numbers on the photographs are the Ordnance Survey grid references, and rushed out his last few photos.

I'll gladly add to the gallery and credit contributors.

Meantime, for the UK-based pictures, you might like to play with this site that'll let you feed in my numbers and show you the location. Remember to click the OS grid button.

Summary #1

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