What do we know of the "Real" Footage?

On a re-read of the source material, I've put together a list of the references to the footage, with page numbers as found in the UK paperback: I give the page on which the chapter starts as well as the page on which the refererence appears in order to aid navigation with other editions. It doesn't amount to a great deal, and it's exciting that we got so much from it.

  • (p1)Chapter 1
    (p3)The Front page of F:F:F is a frame grab from segment #48 dim and almost monochrome. No characters are in view.
  • (p1)Chapter 1
    (p4)Nothing since the beach pan (not Cannes in Winter) Mention of Tarkovsky (? director of Solaris)
  • (p17)Chapter 3
    (p20)Kim Hee Park of "The Chinese Envoy" named as possible maker
    New segment - 48 seconds "It's them" - no speech.
  • (p17)Chapter 3
    (p21)Uploaded anonymously
  • (p17)Chapter 3
    (p22)Segment #135
  • (p17)Chapter 3
    (p23)Segment #135 is Lovers' cheekbones in a prelude to embrace
    Timeless clothes and hairstyles (range 1914 - 1957)
    He - Black leather coat with collar up
    She - Dark Long Fabric coat - hatless
    The Kiss
  • (p44)Chapter 6
    (p47)"The Garage Kubrick" - postulating that the whole work may be CGI graphics.
  • (p72)Chapter 8
    (p75)Discovery that Segment#78 is watermarked.
  • (p79)Chapter 9
    (p86)"The Kiss" takes place in a doorway.
  • (p103)Chapter 11
    (p86)Each segment has the same resolution - sufficient for theatrical projection.
  • (p120)Chapter 13
    (p122)Refers to a segment where he's on the rooftop. Oddly-shaped chimney pots. He walks to a low parapet and looks out on a city that never resolves.
  • (p120)Chapter 13
    (p123)Long shots. Girl in a formal park.
  • (p146)Chapter 17
    (p152)The Number ... 8304 6805 2235.
  • (p167)Chapter 19
    (p170)Whiteout where they kiss "resolves" to a T-shaped map with 135 non-sequential numbers.
  • (p207)Chapter 25
    (p211)Sigil Technologies - watermarking
  • (p220)Chapter 27
    (p221)Brazilian Satanic Footage... referred to but not explained AFAIAA.
  • (p300)Chapter 37
    (p303)New segment. He is reaching out towards the camera - perhaps from the girl's point of view - as if to touch her in parting.
  • (p300)Chapter 37
    (p305)A man stands on the platform of a station, turns, raises his hand.
  • (p300)Chapter 37
    (p306)The couple resemble the parents of Stella & Nora.
  • (p309)Chapter 38
    (p309)The segment with the beach pan is mapped on the jagged edge of the T-shaped component.

What do we know of the
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